2018.01.21 Uchida Yuya Official Blog | “The reason why I found Iwami Manaka earnest, Kuno Misaki kind, Kaji Yuki like an older brother, and Irino Miyu cool”

Source | Jan 21, 2018 at 7:55 PM

Uchida Yuya Official Blog

The reason why I found Manaka Iwami earnest, Kuno Misaki kind, Kaji Yuki like an older brother, and Irino Miyu cool. 

Today, I went to watch the premiere of Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms.


Okada Mari’s directorial debut. 

The voice of Maquia, Iwami Manaka-san.
The voice of Medmel, Kuno Misaki-san.
The voice of Krim, Kaji Yuki-kun.
The voice of Ariel, Irino Miyu-kun.
I was left in charge of the voice of the Baieran King.


I believe many young people will be watching this movie. 

Having watched today’s premiere, I found that sight very enviable. 

Unlike myself who will not be able to live the same amount of time that has already passed in my life, I wonder how wondrous this movie must have seemed to the people who still do not know of the turning point in life. 

As you gain the strength that can only be measured through experience, you lose your ability to jump without knowing the depth of a valley. 

That is, “the grief of being tainted.”


at this moment in time, I feel the joy of being a parent. 

And I pray in gratefulness of being born as a child.

In the same way of how a thread is woven piece after piece, and a repetition of that process makes cloth, the creation of animation is just as tedious. 

Just as how sound is made by snapping tightened strings together, sound envelops the space.  

Even as the sound that is born through the strings tug at our heartstrings, what do we make of this sense of translucence?

“I’m glad I loved,” this series was a reflection of those words that reaches much further into what is unseen by the naked eye. 


The movie will begin showing in the theaters from February 24th. 


Here’s an episode of the recording session.

It was during the recording of a certain scene between Maquia and Ariel. 

As Iwami Manami-san got too engrossed in the scene, she broke down in tears, and the recording was paused. 

“I’m sorry,” she apologized. 

The voice of Medmel, Kuno Misaki-san, who was sitting behind her, quietly handed some tissue to her. 

Seated in the center of the studio was Kaji Yuki-kun, the voice of Krim. He then called out to Iwami-san, saying, “That’s alright,” comforting Iwami-san and easing the tensed atmosphere in the studio. 

In the midst of that, the voice of Ariel who was standing at the closest mic to her, Irino Miyu-kun, said nothing and just watched silently. 

After a while, the recording was resumed. 

Although she was overwhelmed by her emotions, Iwami-san held herself back in control as a professional, and continued to voice Maquia earnestly. 

Beside her was the Irino Miyu who never left his position even while the recording was paused, and he continued acting without stepping out of Ariel’s shoes even once. 

The people who stand before a mic; the people who belong to the same studio. 

Things only rookies can do. Things only seniors can do. 

I believe that he has done the most a senior can do as a professional voice actor to a junior who’s still new to the industry. 

It was a good studio.  

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