[EN] KAJI100! Episode 4 – Kobayashi Yūsuke x Farming

Watch full episodes of the TV series Kaji100! subbed in English by Raku fansubs.

Kaji100! Episode 4 English Subbed

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▼ Episode Information

Originally aired on Jul 30, 2017
Host: Kaji Yuki
Guest: Kobayashi Yūsuke
Supervisor: Onisawa & Saitou (Olive Park Tokyo)
Narrator: Yashiro Taku

▼ Episode Description

This time in KAJI100!, Kobayashi Yuusuke joins Kaji Yuki in challenging farmwork! The two visit Olive Park Tokyo to go through an orthodox farming experience, from making pesticide-free organic fertiliser, to the ploughing of land, and finally planting the seed. Furthermore, they harvest the vegetables from the farm to cook up some Italian dishes. The episode includes other mini-corners: The 10 things Kobayashi Yuusuke wants to do; Challenging Guinness; The 100 things you want to ask Kaji Yuki.

5 thoughts on “[EN] KAJI100! Episode 4 – Kobayashi Yūsuke x Farming

  1. Thank you once again for translating and sharing these. This one was more interesting to watch then I expected. I really didn’t know too much about Kobayashi-san, and it turned out Kaji-san also didn’t know him all that well, which makes their interactions that much more interesting. Seeing them learn together and grow closer is really fun to watch.

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    1. Thanks for your comment again! To be honest, even as someone who’s subbing the series, this episode was one of my favorites (≧∇≦*) I actually love their chemistry so much, because even though as you said, Kaji doesn’t know Kobayashi that well, Kobayashi on the other hand looks up to Kaji a lot.

      They’re the same age but Kobayashi debuted a lot later (because he went to university), and I’ve heard him talk about how amazing he thinks Kaji is on several occasions (where Kaji isn’t present), which is why I was so surprised and excited to see him getting invited to Kaji100 >> Trust me, Kobayashi himself must have been exhilarated when he got the offer (─‿─) not to mention it’s so early into the series.

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      1. That does make it interesting! Like I mentioned before, I really wasn’t familiar with Kobayashi before this, so I haven’t seen him in much else that I can think of, but doesn’t almost everyone look up to Sasu-Kaji?

        (Sorry I only saw your reply now, I must have missed the alert. I watched the new video with Suwabe and now i’m watching all the other ones over again ^_^ and I just happened to see it. PS. your site is amazing!)

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      2. So I’m really into 2D and 2.5D idols and such… (Kaji as Kakeru <3)
        Today I was looking into more of the newer groups of TsukiPro, since I know very little about them. Low and behold Kobayashi is in Vazzy! I was like wait, I know that name now! (sorry, I just had to share)
        P.S. He has a nice singing voice =)

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  2. OMG! I was so happy when I found this blog!
    I’m from Brazil and there are not people who translate things from Kaji, at least not that I know of.
    Thank you so much for doing this !!

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