2018.05.27 @MorikuBorn | Morikubo Showtaro’s thoughts of ItsuSube

Source | May 27, 2018 at 3:39 PM


I was with Kaji-kun yesterday.
梶くんが出した本、 しっかりちゃっかりもらってたから、ちゃんと全部読んでから、気の利いた感想を一言添えて呟こうと思ってたら、まだ読む前に本人に会っちゃったから、呟く事にした!
The book Kaji-kun released, since he handed it to me personally, I was thinking of reading everything properly, so that I could tweet about my proper thoughts of the book, but I ended up running into him before I could read it, so I decided to tweet anyways!
Ah, jokes, I read it!
Just the part where he wrote about me, that is! LOL



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