Behind-the-scenes of PIPLE [Manga]

Source | Oct 6, 2018

The novel that will begin serialization in Da Vinci’s November issue (to be released on Oct 6, 2018), depicting the story of marriage between an A.I. and a human ー PIPLE.

From the pen of the author, Harada Mariru, who received the Kyotobon Taisho award last year in 2017 for the novel “Nietzsche ga Kyoto ni Yattekite 17-sai no Watashi ni Tetsugaku no koto Oshietekureta,” joined with the character designer Tanaka Masayoshi, known for his works in hit shows such as AnoHana and Kimi no Na wa, the project will now take a turn for the better to be painted with the release of the audiobook being voiced by the voice actor Kaji Yuki, renowned for his many roles such as Eren Jaeger in Shingeki no Kyojin.

The audiobook will be webcast simultaneously with the novel series (total of 12 episodes), and the original story of the novel “PIPLE” will be played by him.

This time round, the rare sight of the recording studio has been drawn as a comic!

**typo in second panel -- Okada Harada Mariru


Manga drawn by Itou Fumi (伊東フミ)
Translated&Edited by Raku 0925

▶ Listen to PIPLE on the official channel (click for more)

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