[EN] KAJI100! Episode 9 – Ōsaka Ryōta x Bread Making

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Kaji100! Episode 9 English Subbed

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▼ Episode Information

Originally aired on Dec 24, 2017
Host: Kaji Yuki
Guest: Ōsaka Ryōta
Supervisor: Segawa Yōji (professional baker at DONQ)
Narrator: Yashiro Taku
Location: DONQ (branch at Tobu Technical Center)

▼ Episode Description

Here in this 9th episode of Kaji100, Kaji Yuki is joined by Osaka Ryota to bake French bread, specifically baguette, under the guidance of the best baker in Japan, Segawa Youji! They arrive at DONQ Bakery’s branch at Tobu Technical Center to undergo a full-on experience of orthodox baking! Don’t miss out on the professionalism of the sensei this time, who’s participated in the Bakery World Cup, and also one of the only 18 bakers that were selected worldwide to compete in the Masters de la Boulangerie 2018. Enjoy this fun episode where Kaji and Osaka show off their creativity in their free-style making of bread! The episode includes other mini-corners: The 10 things Osaka Ryota wants to do; The Showa Games Kaji Yuki wants to play; The 100 menus Kaji Yuki wants to eat; The 100 things you want to ask Kaji Yuki. 

▼ Translator Notes

It may be good to note if you’re unaware that Kaji and Osaka co-starred in Daiya no Ace, which is indicated at 1:26 when Osaka is introduced as the “main protagonist of a baseball-themed anime,” and at 35:47 where it is narrated if Osaka can “become the ACE.” There’s also an Evangelion reference at 11:42when Kaji makes the “psssht” onomatopoeia (the launch sequence, special thanks to @Pyrite for identifying this for me!). Furthermore, at 15:08 Kaji brings up how the mixing machine reminds him of the engine he had to turn on in Kaji100′s Episode 4. In the corner of the 10 things Osaka Ryota wants to doHajime no Ippo and Hajime Ningen Gyatoruz are mentioned. At 29:48 they play a joke on “とったどー!! (totta do!!)” which I translated as “I got it!” Later in the episode, Kaji talks a little about his windsurfing experience in his first TV Variety Show, it’s an old show back from 2008 (DollBara) but if you’re interested to watch it RAW it’s available on YouTube (Windsurfing Episodes: 10-110-210-311-111-211-3). Explanations to do with the Japanese language itself (Japanese puns, idioms etc.) are explained as TL Notes in the video. EDIT: There’s one more reference at 35:06 (Kaji playing hula hoop), the way he said “whoo” is an imitation of the Japanese comedian Hard Gay [Thank you so much @LB for helping me with this]

Name mention(s): 

I’m generally bad with food-related terms even in English, so feel free to tell me if there were any terms used incorrectly! Thank you to some of the SFC members who helped me out with the wording for “age-pan” (fried bread)! Although there was a delay in this episode’s subs, I thoroughly enjoyed subbing it cause I remember laughing my heart out at some scenes. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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