2018.11.09 @FLOW_official | FLOW meets Kaji – NanaTai Closing Party

Source | Nov 9, 2018 at 10:13 PM


FLOW x VA of Meliodas・Kaji Yuki-san 

Today we went for #Nanatsu-no-Taizai‘s closing dinner! 

主題歌FLOW×GRANRODEO「7 -seven-」「Howling」はFLOWにとっても最高に刺激的なライブ曲
The theme songs FLOWxGranrodeo – “7 -seven-” and “Howling” are extremely stimulating live songs even to us FLOW

1月30日 #FLOW武道館 でも #FxG 7人の音が再び唸ります
The sound by us 7 will once again resound throughout #FLOW-Budoukan on Jan 30

The ticket will go on sale tomorrow! 

@FLOW_official 2018.11.09.jpg

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