2018.11.11 Amamiya Sora Blog | “Peachy!” & a little about drunk-miya at NanaTai’s closing dinner

Source | Nov 11, 2018

Amamiya Sora Official Blog
2018-11-11 00:32:22
Amamiya Sora Blog_Peachy!.PNG
Hello, this is Amamiya Sora.
Today, I went to watch “LAWSON presents Asakura Momo Fantastic Live 2018 “Peachy!”” held in Maihama Amphitheater!

Although I have participated in a number of anime events held in Amphi, I was reminded about how it’s a venue where the audience is seated really closely to the stage.
Just when I was thinking about how the audience must be happy about that, I realized that it’s not just the close distance, but also that the stage is always used to the fullest. Video footage matching the songs were played, changing the scenery totally… it was a very fun concert and time went by in a flash!

There’s still tomorrow so I can’t write too much into detail but, it was a very HAPPY concert!
I believe that it had turned out to be the concert Mochi was aiming for, and none of the participating audience were left behind.
To the people attending tomorrow’s session, have fun~! 
Mochi too, although it’s the last day, have fun~!

Even though Mochi is always feeling uneasy, sharing happiness with people isn’t a feat anyone can accomplish, so I want you to remember all the effort you’ve put in, trust in this concert, and keep giving it your all tomorrow and from then on too.

This is an update.
I attended Nanatsu no Taizai’s closing dinner yesterday, and showed up in Kaji-san’s tweet too but, I have set a highest record in terms of my weight ٩( ᐛ )و
It goes without saying that the picture was uploaded with my consent, but I couldn’t help but wonder if people had noticed that it was the heaviest-miya in history… (laughs)
I wonder if people noticed that I was slightly drunk too… (laughs)
Nonetheless, regardless of whether people noticed through the picture or not, the fact remains the fact, reality remains reality, therefore, I would like to revert to my previous state before an important shooting about 10 days from now!
Although most of the main cast couldn’t make it yesterday, it has been a long-standing series that I especially love, and also got to perform the ending theme for, I was really happy to able to meet the cast and staff members that I love very much once again in its closing dinner.
Not just growing sideways, I would like to overtake my past self, so that I can continue to give my all in delivering my voice.

Play on “(koe)” (’-’)smug

Played a pun on "koe" throughout the sentence: 
Not just growing sideways (肥えて|koete), I would like to overtake (越えて|koete) my past self, so that I can continue to give my all in delivering my voice (声|koe)

Ah!! The picture above was taken during the shooting for the Seiyuu Grand Prix series “10miles to America” that goes on sale today.
It’s the 10th Anniversary so I took on the challenge of a pop quiz!
I put on glasses to look like the role so please do check it out~!
Also, Seiyuu Grand Prix-san, along with Seiyuu Animedia-san have interviewed Trysail’s new single “azure” going on sale on November 14!
Please do support that too!!

Well then.

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