Kaji Yuki interviewed in to-be-released Kodansha Career Guidebook

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Definitive Edition: The 300 Jobs that nurture dreams 



Career guidebook

Release Date
Nov 29, 2018


▼ Content
A career guidebook aimed at primary and middle school students. In order to help these children find their true future aspirations, 300 types of occupations will be introduced. Professionals from their respective fields, such as the baseball player Ohtani Shohei, the shogi player Habu Yoshiharu and the film director Kore’eda Hirokazu have been interviewed about the reality in their line of work. Including occupations that have been well-received since long ago, such as doctors and pilots, newly discovered occupations such as YouTubers, web directors, robot creators have also been covered in this book that will indefinitely assist the next generation in achieving their ambitions. What kind of job is it? Why would you choose this job? What is rewarding about this job? What is tough about this job? Each occupation will be depicted in detail with plentiful illustrations and photos. Target audience: upper primary schoolers ~ middle schoolers. The whole book is included with furigana. 
▼ Information

Title 決定版 夢をそだてるみんなの仕事 300 (Japanese); Kettei-ban Yume wo Sodateru Minna no Shigoto 300 (Romaji)
Publisher Kodansha
Release date Nov 29, 2018
Price ¥2,800 + tax
ISBN 978-4-06-513192-3
Format B5 Format
Page no. 272 pages

■ Main interviews: Ohtani Shohei (baseball player), Morishige Masato (soccer player), Suzuki Ai (golfer), Fukunaga Yuichi (Japanese jockey), Habu Yoshiharu (shogi player), Umehara Daigo (professional gamer), Hirahara Ayaka (singer), Sakai Maki (actress), Kaji Yuki (voice actor), Tominaga Ai (model), Ogawa Noriko (classical pianist), Shunputei Shouta (rakugo comedian), Sandwichman (comedian), Hirokazu Kore’eda (film director), Kokami Shoji (playwright), Hosoda Mamoru (animation director), Arakawa Hiromu (manga artist), Wataya Risa (novelist), Arai Hiroyuki (picture book author), Matsuoka Junsei (YouTuber), Masu Taichi (announcer), Amatatsu Takeshi (weathercaster), Shigeru Ban (architect), Takahashi Tomotaka (roboticist), Kajita Takaaki (researcher), Fujikawa Daisuke (university lecturer), Manabe Makoto (curator), Yasukouchi Tetsuya (teacher), Kikuma Yukino (lawyer), Nozaki Hiromitsu (Japanese cuisine chef), Takahashi Wagi (beautician), Yui Kimiya (astronaut), Watanabe Junichi (astronomer), ANA pilot, ANA flight attendant, JR Tōkai Shinkansen driver,  Yokohama Zoorasia zoo keeper, Kamogawa SEA WORLD Zoo Keeper, Asahi journalist, BANDAI NAMCO’s game producer, Yahoo!’s web producer, Tokyo Disney Resort’s attraction cast, Imperial Hotel’s front desk receptionist, Shimizu Corporation’s civil engineer, NTT Data Communication’s system engineer, Honda Motor Company’s project executive, House Foods Group’s project executive, Narumiya International’s fashion designer. Others include doctor, nurse, care worker, police officer, detective, firefighter, diplomat, local council member, teacher, childhood educator etc. 

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