2018.12.14 @KAJI_staff | Iitoyo Marie mentioning Kaji in an interview

Source | Dec 14, 2018 at 6:57 PM 

【梶】HOT PEPPER Beauty12月号のインタビューにて、飯豊まりえさんが話題にあげてくれてますー!
【Kaji】In HOT PEPPER Beauty Dec Issue’s interview, I was mentioned by Iitoyo Marie-san! 

Iitoyo-san, thank you! 
I finally got to read it properly!
Looks like your dream to work as a voice actress has been granted already! Congratulations! 

May we have an opportunity to co-act again someday!

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[Translation of segment where Kaji is mentioned]

ー 今度トライしたいお仕事というと?

ー Speaking of the job that you would like to have a try at?
In spring this year, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the voice actor, Kaji Yuki-san, in a reading event, and I was blown away by his technique of manipulating his voice. I myself, am the type to enjoy analyzing the roles I play, but now I want to become more conscious about changing my voice according to the character. This experience has inspired me to explore that in more depth. And I would also like to challenge a voice actor’s work someday. 



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