HMV&BOOKS to extend period for Kaji Yuki 2018 Exhibition Panel

Source(s) 1&2 | Jan 7, 2019 at 3:14 PM

This exhibition panel will look back upon Kaji Yuki’s activities in 2018 by every 2 months, featuring his involvement in TV animations series, movies, his personal calendar, book publication, and various other products that he has released.

Relevant merchandises such as Kaji Yuki 2019 Calendar, 2019 New Year’s Cards with Voice Message from phone call, and others will be available for sale at the venue.

HMV&BOOKS SHIBUYA which was only planned to host the panel up till January 6th, has announced for an extension till January 23rd.

In addition, it has also been reported that more stores such as HMV&BOOKS HAKATA and HMV Sapporo Stellar Place will host the panel from January 12th and January 28th respectively.

| Event details

【Event Title】Kaji Yuki Feature in HMV&BOOKS | 梶裕貴大特集 in HMV&BOOKS
【Opening days・location】
Opening Days:Dec 20, 2018 (Thu) ~ Jan 23, 2019 (Wed)
※ Originally planned to only be opened till Jan 6th (Sun)
Opening Hours:10:00~22:00

Opening Days:Dec 26, 2018 (Wed) ~ Jan 6, 2019
※ Ended

Opening Days:Jan 12, 2019 (Sat) ~ Jan 20, 2019 (Sun)
Opening Hours:10:00~21:00

<HMV Sapporo Stellar Place(Hokkaido)>
Opening Days:Jan 28, 2019 (Mon) ~ Feb 11, 2019 (Mon)
Opening Hours:10:00~21:00

【Entrance Fee】Free

※ Admission may be restricted depending on congestion
※ The calendar and merchandises will not be available once sold out

To find out about initial details, visit this page.


【延長決定✨】大好評につき「#梶裕貴 大特集 in HMV&BOOKS」の延長が決定しました!
【Extension✨】Due to the well-received feedback, it has been decided that the period for the exhibition panel of “Kaji Yuki Feature in HMV&BOOKS” will be extended! 

It will re-open from tomorrow, January 8th, going up till January 23rd‼️

Please do take this opportunity to turn up! We shall await your arrival at our store together with the Bocchi-kun plushies! 

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