[Interview] Kaji Yuki checks out all the literacy award winning books – Josei Seven 2019 Jan Issue

Source | Jan 8, 2019

kaji_yuki_04.jpgKaji Yuki, the 33-year-old voice actor who has captured the hearts of many women with his looks, being graced on the front covers, main features and such of seiyuu magazines, has also written a book telling about the voice acting industry ー Itsuka Subete ga Kimi no Chikara ni Naru ー that was released in May 2018. The 188-page book was immediately sold out at over 300 bookstores across Japan, and a reprint was set in stone just one day after the release. It is said that this speed of demand of additional printing is an irregular occurrence, even in in the publishing industry.

Nevertheless, it appears that when he was first approached by the book publishers, he had intended to turn down the offer.

“Although I’ve always had in mind to write a book one day, I felt that it was arrogant of me to tell anything about voice acting while I’m still lacking in many aspects. However, hearing that the series was called ‘Worldly Wisdom for 14 years old (14歳の世渡り術),’ it reminded me of how I myself first began aspiring to be a voice actor back when I was 14 years old, so I took on the offer hoping that my experience of pursuing the path of a voice actor as a 14-year-old could possibly serve as a reference to some people. It took me about one and a half years to write the book while I continued my work as a voice actor, doing that simultaneously was quite tough (laughs).”

It seems that he loves reading books, and would stop by a bookstore every time he finds leisure in his time.

“The authors I like include Asai Ryo-san and Murakami Haruki-san. Besides that, when other works receive a literacy award, I always believe that there must be some sort of message hidden in it, and will definitely check it out.”

The reason why Kaji Yuki’s name is known to the world, is largely due to his role as the protagonist of ‘Attack on Titan’ ー Eren Jaeger. It is a phenomenal series even overseas, and a live-action adaptation by Hollywood has just been announced.

“I’ve heard about how Attack on Titan has been an opportunity that exposed anime to many people who are not usually familiar with anime, allowing people to experience the potential behind anime once again. To add on, it’s also the trigger that spread people’s recognition of me widely, so in a sense, it’s a show that serves as my “business card.” Back when the theatrical release first began screening, I saw many young children in the audience, and that sight of how people are able to become engrossed in the world of this story, confronted me again with the power of what anime can do.”

Under his sweet mask, hides his unswerving passion for his profession.

■ Let’s find out more! Kaji-kyun

── What was your childhood dream?
“A soccer player, mangaka etc. Although my dreams changed one after another, every single time, I would pursue headlong in each path.”

── Who are the voice actors that you respect?
“Yamadera Koichi-san and Hayashibara Megumi-san. I was moved by them the first time I had the opportunity to meet them.”

Born September 3rd, Tokyo. Debuted in 2004. Plays the protagonist in many controversial animation series such as “Attack on Titan” and “The Seven Deadly Sins”. The 2-year-consecutive winner of the Best Male Lead Voice Actor in Seiyuu Awards 2012 and 2013.

※ From Josei Seven (女性セブン) 2019 Jan 17・24 Issue

Original article by www.news.post-seven.com
Photographed by 平野哲郎
Translated by Raku 0925

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