[EN] KAJI100! Episode 11 – Hanae Natsuki x Darts

Watch full episodes of the TV series Kaji100! subbed in English by Raku fansubs.

Kaji100! Episode 11 English Subbed

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▼ Episode Information

Originally aired on Feb 25, 2018
Host: Kaji Yuki
Guest: Hanae Natsuki
Supervisor: Tanaka Takashi (Professional darts player & darts instructor)
Narrator: Yashiro Taku
Location: BAGUS Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Branch ()

▼ Episode Description

In this eleventh episode of KAJI100!, Hanae Natsuki joins Kaji Yuki in experiencing darts under the guidance of an active darts professional player – Tanaka Takashi.  The episode includes other mini-corners: The 10 things Hanae Natsuki wants to do; The Showa Games Kaji Yuki wants to play; The 100 menus Kaji Yuki wants to eat; The 100 things you want to ask Kaji Yuki.

▼ Translator Notes

References made in this episode include Oha Suta (おはスタ) ー a kids TV show in Japan hosted by Hanae Natsuki. Mentions Kaji100! Episode 8 (Ono Yuki x Candy Making at Papabubble). Other slight mentions include Touken Ranbu‘s Hyuga Masamune (CV: Kaji Yuki), TV variety show Quiz Doremifadon! (クイズ・ドレミファドン!), singer Matsutoya Yumi (nicknamed Yuming). In “the 100 questions you want to ask Kaji Yuki” corner, Kaji brings up the variety show that was filmed in a theme park, which is DollBara (ドル☆バラ), Kaji’s first variety show hosted alongside with Terashima Takuma and Morikubo Showtaro that ran from 2008-2009 for 26 episodes. They filmed episodes 6-8 in Fuji-Q Highland, those episodes are available in a playlist on YouTube here.

Special thanks to some of the SFC members – AnoKoe, Pyrite, otonashiku and others who helped me identify a reference I couldn’t catch! It took me forever to finish this episode so I was forgetting some of the context from the episode itself during the process, I’m really grateful that they went out of their way to watch the whole first 30 minutes just to make sure they have full understanding of the reference.


2 thoughts on “[EN] KAJI100! Episode 11 – Hanae Natsuki x Darts

  1. Thank you so much for translating and sharing these full shows so people like me can enjoy them. It’s wonderful to see one of my favorite seiyuu interacting one on one with some of my other favorite seiyuu. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hi thank you so much for subbing and sharing this show. but i am wondering if you would consider uploading it at Mega like the previous eps. i’ve failed several times downloading at google drive. idk why my IDM worked really bad with it.


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