Upon joining the cast of PreCure, Kaji Yuki reveals that he used to watch Futari wa PreCure together with his sister

Source | Jan 18, 2019

It has been revealed today on the 18th that the voice actor Kaji Yuki is joining the voice cast in the latest movie of the popular PreCure anime series ー “PreCure Miracle Universe Movie” (to be released on March 16) as an original movie character “Yango.” Although Kaji has been known for being cast in numerous hit works such as Eren in Attack on Titan and Meliodas in the Seven Deadly Sins, this is his first involvement with the PreCure franchise.

PreCure Miracle Universe Movie.PNG
PreCure Miracle Universe (C)2019 映画プリキュアミラクルユニバース製作委員会

This film will be the movie debut of the characters in the STAR☆TWINKLE PRECURE series, which broadcast will begin from February 3. It will feature the franchise’s first story to be set in space, and reveals the secret of “Miracle Light.”

The character Kaji will play is the guard who stays close to the President of Planet Miracle, named Yango. Kaji was elated, saying, “It truly is an honour to be given the opportunity to participate as an original theatrical character in PreCure ー the show that deserves to be called ‘a path that all girls will surely cross‘! Thank you very much!”

Furthermore, he revealed to us that he used to watch PreCure, elaborating that “I have a sister 9 years younger than me, and she was a huge fan of Futari wa PreCure back when she was in grade school. Back then, I was still living with with my parents, so I still remember how I would watch it together with my sister who was a Cure White supporter. This time round, my sister was overjoyed to hear about my casting too! (laughs)” He then leaves a final message, “The film this time will have a great deal of characters appearing, it’s truly like a festive. Be it children or adults, by all means, come and liven things up at the theaters!!”

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