2019.01.19 Omigawa Chiaki Official Blog | #TITANS Dubbed Version

Source | Jan 19, 2019

Omigawa Chiaki Official Blog


Has everyone watched the show #TITANS that is currently being webcast on Netflix ( * ॑꒳ ॑*)۶”???


It’s my first series!

My long-sought wish to be in a foreign drama ✧︎*

Not to mention it’s DC ✧︎*

Wahh!! It’s like a dream… (ㅇ¬ㅇ)

I entered the studio without knowing anything and was on the verge of breaking into tears.

I ran to Kaji-kun crying, “What do I do!”

He told me, “You’re suited for tricky girls so you’ll be fine!”

Was that a compliment? Or was that an insult? Which is it???

It put me at a peace of mind… ꉂ(*°ฅ°*)

I desperately kept up with our reliable leader till the last episode!!

While he’s reliable on one hand, everyone loves him and teases him,
“it must be because Kaji-kun’s a lolicon” that he plays the role of Dick. lol

Honda-san was teased “Honda Shota Shinya.” lol

Every time Dick turns down a woman’s offer,
booing will surely occur, saying “Kaji, that’s what it’s about!” lol

Although the drama was serious, we were relaxed in the studio.

I’m really glad that my first ‘company’ was Titans (/ω\*)


Also, Mark-kun was looking after me the whole time. lol

Even though I’m the onee-san ( ◜ω◝ ) Umm

Mark-kun and I, our roles are opposites to reality.

It was the same in a different show, the 2 of us are always talking about
“it’s the opposite in real life, isn’t it?” haha

Everyone was looking in the same direction, and tackled the show passionately, this had become a very good experience.

It’s because it’s a lovely show that I hope it gets across to many people ✧︎*


Please support it ( ੭ ˙꒳˙ )੭♡



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