2019.01.27 @nazukakaori | 2nd week guest appearance in Hitorigoto

Source | Jan 27, 2019 at 12:35 PM


I bought these earrings after falling in love with them at first sight (ت)♡
Encounters are important♡ May I be blessed with wonderful encounters today too ◟(ˊ꒵ˋ∗)◜∗.♪
I’ll be appearing in today’s “Kaji Yuki no Hitorigoto” from 23:00 tonight ♪
#梶裕貴 梶くんとの写真は前回のと微妙に違うよ(๑´艸`)
#Kaji Yuki The picture with Kaji-kun is slightly different from last time’s (๑´艸`)
Can you tell? lol
皆さまステキな休日を(*ᵔ ³ ᵔ)♪
May you have a wonderful rest (*ᵔ ³ ᵔ)♪

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