Top 30 Male Seiyuu with the cutest voices [reported by goo ranking]

Source | Feb 15, 2019 at 9:20 AM

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From left: Hoshi Soichiro, Kaji Yuki, Murase Ayumu

Seiyū (voice actor) ー one of the most sought-after profession among youngsters in present-day Japan. Day in, day out, we hear about many voice actors’ achievements in all kinds of shows and works. Particularly in terms of male voice actors, much attention has been drawn to their cool “ikebo” ー short for “Ikemen voice” (lit. “hot voice”). However, while this may still be true, the fandom has recently turned the spotlight on the minority of male voice actors who flaunt their range with “cute voices.”

Hence, this time round, we have conducted a survey to investigate the charms of male voice actors with cute voices, and the following are the results presented as a ranking.

No. 1 Kaji Yuki
No. 2 Murase Ayumu
No. 3 Hoshi Soichiro
⇒ Check out the full list from 4th place onward here!

Coming in first is Kaji Yuki!

The fans’ pick which topped the rankings this time is the voice actor known for his distinctive high-pitched voice, Kaji Yuki, with 259 votes!
Possessing a rather thick yet distinctively high-pitched voice, his representative roles are Meliodas from Nanatsu no TaizaiEren from Shingeki no Kyojin and Todoroki Shouto from Boku no Hero Academia, to name a few.
While he may take on a stronger impression of neutral and cool male characters, his past works have displayed his broad voice diversity, ranging from cute young boys to revenge-fueled adolescents. Furthermore, he is applauded for having captivated many fans’ hearts with his high-pitched ‘shounen’ (young boys) voice, which is said to have an essence irreplaceable by female voice actors.

Second place goes to Murase Ayumu!

Almost resembling a female voice actor himself, Murase Ayumu comes in 2nd place with 243 votes!
Due to the nature of his characteristic voice and name, he is often mistaken as a female. Regardless, he has exhibited his wide mastery of acting skills, from voicing young girls to elderly men. His representative works include Hinata Shouyo from Haikyu! and Allen Walker from D.Gray-man HALLOW.

Third place is Hoshi Soichiro!

Known for his many edgy and fiery characters, Hoshi Soichiro places 3rd with 241 votes, a close margin away from Murase in 2nd.
His ‘shounen-voice’ undoubtedly unique to him, has accompanied him in countless of his roles as young boys such as Mobile Suit Gundam SEED as Kira Yamato, Saiyuki as Sun Wukong, Sora no Otoshimono as Sakurai Tomoki, and many others.

That’s all for the feature of male seiyuu with cute voices for this time, do check out the rest of the ranking from 4th place onward!

Total votes:2,122 votes
Survey Period:Dec 30, 2018 ~ Jan 13, 2019



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