TVfanCross to interview Kaji Yuki on “To the You experiencing a breakthrough”

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Audition blue April 2019 Issue 

2019-03-01 Audition Blue April 2019 Issue.jpg


Entertainment magazine

Release Date
Mar 1, 2019

Byakuya Shobo (白夜書房)

¥980 + Tax

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Fujisan / / (others)

▼ Information


Audition blue April 2019 Issue

Publisher Byakuya Shobo (白夜書房)
Release date Mar 1, 2019
Price ¥980 + tax
Product Dimensions 29.4 x 20.6 x 1 cm

▼ Interview content

In our latest issue in April, the voice actor Kaji Yuki will be featured! Here’s a sneak peak of one page 🙌 While Kaji is now leading at the forefront of the voice acting industry, he tells the story of his unforgettable memory at his first audition, and more can be read about his not-so-common sides! 


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(Source: @Auditionblue)

▼ Content Overview

Audition blue, a Japanese monthly magazine which covers interviews of male actors and artists who are currently drawing attention in the media limelight from a unique viewpoint, concentrates on the [words and pictures] delivered to you by ‘charming people’.

【Front cover & 21-page feature】
■ Katayose Ryota「Stimulation」

【Photogravure & Interview】
■ Sugino Yousuke × Yokoyama Ryusei
「The distance of falling in love」

■ Suzuki Hiroki × Arisawa Shoutarou
「A miraculous encounter」

Kaji Yuki
「To the you experiencing a breakthrough」

■ Irino Miyu
「The ‘madness’ I want to show you」

■ Onozuka Hayato × Yagi Masayasu
「The true face that tells it all」

■ Akaso Eiji
「The flames in me」

■ Matsuo Takashi
「The proof of passion」

「Another colour」

■ Itagaki Mizuki (M!LK)
「Where does courage lie? In our hearts」

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