[Maurice 4K] Kaji Yuki, Shimazaki Nobunaga & Uchida Yūma joining renewed dub cast

Source/s: 1&2 | May 22, 2019 at 7:34 PM

The specialty channel MoviePlus welcomes their 30th anniversary in October 2019! As part of the celebration, a dub remake of the sensational 1987 British romance movie ー Maurice (1987) has been announced.

The renewed Japanese dub cast reveals the starring of Kaji Yūki, Shimazaki Nobunaga, and Uchida Yūma.

(From left) Uchida Yūma, Kaji Yūki, Shimazaki Nobunaga

Maurice is a 1987 British romantic drama film based on the novel Maurice by E. M. Forster. It is a tale of gay love in early 20th-century England. The story follows its main character Maurice Hall through university, a tumultuous relationship, struggling to fit into society, and ultimately being united with his life partner. [Source: Wikipedia]

In addition to Kaji Yūki playing the main character Maurice Hall; Shimazaki Nobunaga will be playing the rich and handsome Clive Durham who falls for Maurice; and Uchida Yūma will play Alec Scudder who leads Maurice on with his straightforward feelings.

Maurice_(1987)_Japanese_DubFurthermore, tickets to the premiere event the 3 voice casts will attend in June will be available for application from May 25th.

The event will screen the newly dubbed film Maurice (1987) slated to air in July, also hosting the voice actors’ talk show.

Please stay tuned for both the broadcast and the event.

SP Feature “Maurice 4K” Dub Renewal ~Behind the voices~

Prior to the release, a special program is slated for June featuring the interviews and behind-the-scenes with Kaji Yuki and the other voice actors, in addition to the premiere event to be held in June.
The program will be broadcast in two parts.

SP Feature Maurice 4K Dub Renewal ~Behind the voices!~ vol.1 [Watch here]

Special program showcasing the recording session and interviews of Maurice 4K (MoviePlus Dub Renewal)‘s voice cast.

[Cast] Kaji Yuki / Shimazaki Nobunaga / Uchida Yuuma
[On-air] July 21st (20:30~21:00) etc.

SP Feature Maurice 4K Dub Renewal~Behind the voices!~ vol.2 [Watch here]

Plans to include footage of the premiere event to be held in June 16 (Sun).

[Cast] Kaji Yuki / Shimazaki Nobunaga / Uchida Yuuma
[On-air] August 18th (20:30~21:00) etc.

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