2019.06.14 @KAJI_staff | Spotting hydrangea during rainy season

Source | Jun 14, 2019 at 3:07 PM

【Kaji】A clear blue sky during the rainy season!

It may be hot, but it makes me happy.

It’s the season for the hydrangea I love.

Coincidentally, I discovered a nostalgic name!

「来ぬ人を まつほの浦の 夕なぎに 焼くや藻塩の 身もこがれつつ」
“Like the salt sea-weed, Burning in the evening calm. On Matsuo’s shore, All my being is aflame, Awaiting her who does not come (source)”

#Fujiwara no Teika
#Uta Koi (Love poem)


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