2019.03.24 @KAJI_staff | Anime Japan 2019 (5) – Psycho Pass

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【Kaji】AJ2019 “Psycho-Pass” Stage

The talk recapped on the history up till now!

Above anything…
I’m relieved that we got to tell everyone that Kougami, Ginoza, Tsunemori and the rest will be appearing!

It’s “Psycho-Pass” because of them!

The recording is ongoing now!
Please look forward and wait for the broadcast in October, while revising and preparing with the re-runs and streams!


2018.09.11 @KAJI_staff | Replying to Nojima Kenji’s post about ItsuSube

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I’m can’t be thankful enough for your words…!
It makes me happy, yet at the same undeserving…!
I’ve always been under your care!
You’re a senior I love very much that has been supporting me since my first regular and protagonist debut work!
I’ll continue to be under your care!!

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2018.09.11 @nojima_kenji | Finishing ItsuSube – about Nojima Kenji and Kaji’s first meeting

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I’ve finished reading Kaji-kun’s book “Itsuka Subete ga Kimi no Chikara ni Naru”!
I wish that I had met this book when I was in my twenties!

My first meeting with Kaji-kun was at a certain audition.

The me from back then,
only lived with the determination to claim any lead role,
but when I heard Kaji-kun’s voice in that studio, I felt the changing of generations.
Aah, I could tell that I wouldn’t survive if I don’t reconsider my way of life as a voice actor.
That was how impactful Kaji-kun’s acting was.

I believe that it’s thanks to him that I’m here right now.

The book written by the Kaji-kun
that gave me a precious trigger to make the me today possible,
do read it!

Over Drive huh~
How nostalgic lol

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#Itsuka Subete ga Kimi no Chikara ni Naru