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Brought to you by Raku 0925 dedicated to the voice actor Kaji Yuki. Literally anything related to him or has a mention of him might possibly be translated in this blog.

This blog was created in November 2018 as a platform to translate the manga adaptation of the essay book by Kaji – Itsuka Subete ga Kimi no Chikara ni Naru. As to how the website ended up looking like how it is, it’s because I thought since I’m already at it, I figured I could translate his co-workers’ reviews of the book too, and perhaps his tweets responding to them, hmm… it doesn’t quite sit right with me to only translate tweets related to the book, so I should probably translate everything since his first tweet in 2014 (on his VIMS agency account @KAJI_staff). Possibly also some of his interviews, maybe other seiyuu’s blog posts that mention his name too? How about event reports and articles about his latest activities to boot? I guess I’ll need to publicize a calendar showcasing all of his events and broadcasts too, and conceivably a backlog of all the programs he’s hosted in the past. Then I should make the Kaji100 episodes that I’ve fully subbed streamable here too. Ah… it’d be great if I could make a wiki page for every seiyuu out there outlining their relationship to Kaji. To do that, I need to first complete the wiki pages of all his programs >>> All these aren’t quite possible to be finished overnight (especially since it’s a one-man work in my case), because it means to summarize the activities of over 10 years of one of the busiest voice actors in Japan. But I’ll hopefully not take 10 years to complete this. You’ll need to give me at least a year still though. I fansub random clips about Kaji on YouTube too.

Yes ー My goal is to create more accomplices of Kaji stalkers-

Or not, I have a noble ambition of purely wishing to broaden the seiyuu *coughs* fandom to the overseas community (nothing but the truth). Although, I can only do so with Kaji as the main focus.

⑅⑅⑅⑅⑅⑅⑅STILL A WIP, I’ll write more relevant information when the time comes⑅⑅⑅⑅⑅

The reason why this blog is named “Kajipedia” isn’t just because I have no naming sense, for people who aren’t aware, feel free to check out the following clip.

“Try searching up on Kajipedia! Nothing’s gonna show up!”

we have proved Kaji wrong