[EN] KAJI100! Episode 13 – Middle School Experience

Watch full episodes of the TV series Kaji100! subbed in English by Raku fansubs.

Kaji100! Episode 13 English Subbed

TN: I noticed a number of spelling typos, so I’ll correct it and update it soon.

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▼ Episode Information

Originally aired on Apr 25, 2018
Host: Kaji Yuki
Narrator: Yashiro Taku
Location: Mukaihara Junior High ()

▼ Episode Description

To commemorate the 1st year anniversary of Kaji100, Kaji Yuki sets out on a challenge that is a little more special this time ー experiencing middle school life again. Although there are no guests this time, watch Kaji mingle among the students in Mukaihara Junior High in the last week before their school is shut down. The episode includes a special corner this time: Emergency Kaji100 Meeting, in which we catch a glimpse of the real behind-the-scenes of the production team creating Kaji100. Enjoy Kaji’s chemistry with the staff members, and of course, watch him revert to middle school and his interactions with other students!

▼ Translator Notes

Back from a half-a-year hiatus! Rejoice! I’ll be resuming monthly subs of Kaji100, although that might change when we hit Episode 25 (in which the program undergoes a 2nd renewal for their 2nd year anniversary, including a length extension to 90 mins/ep). This episode has put lots of smiles on my face, but pardon the sloppiness as it’s been a while since I’ve subbed a long full episode.

Mentioned in the episode:

  • Kobayashi Yuusuke (watch Episode 4 for reference)
  • Attack on Titan (Eren Jaeger – main)
  • Pokemon (Citron – main)
  • Seven Deadly Sins (Meliodas – main)
  • World Trigger (Mikumo Osamu – main)
  • (indirectly mentioned) Okamoto Nobuhiko [‘friend’ who visited Uyuni Salt Flat recently]

4 thoughts on “[EN] KAJI100! Episode 13 – Middle School Experience

  1. Welcome back from you hiatus! So glad to see you subbing these again!
    I was worried for a while they might have stopped and I love this show so much!
    Thank you for making it so we can understand and enjoy it too! Patiently awaiting the next one =D

    Liked by 1 person

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