[EN] KAJI100! Episode 10 – Archery x Furukawa Makoto

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Kaji100! Episode 10 English Subbed

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▼ Episode Information

Originally aired on Jan 28, 2018
Host: Kaji Yuki
Guest: Furukawa Makoto
Supervisor: Tokunaga Hiroshi (Tokushinkan Kyuudo Jo)
Narrator: Yashiro Taku

▼ Episode Description

Entering into the year of 2018, Kaji Yuki is joined with Furukawa Makoto in this episode to challenge archery, or more specifically, the Japanese martial art of archery – “kyudo”. Whilst they fight against the cold of 9°C in short-sleeved Japanese hakama, they begin with the basic lesson of learning how to hold their forms, practicing short-distance shooting, then finally to the real deal of shooting towards a target 28 metres away! Pay attention to their serious facial expressions that you don’t get to see everyday. The episode includes other mini-corners: The 10 things Furukawa Makoto wants to do; The 100 menus Kaji Yuki wants to eat; The Showa Games Kaji Yuki wants to play; The 100 things you want to ask Kaji Yuki.

▼ Translator Notes

  • Throughout the episode, Kaji and Furukawa make quite a lot of references to One Punch Man. Particularly between Saitama and Sonic, although it’s unlikely that anyone hasn’t watched OPM, if by any chance that happens to be you, you only need to watch this short clip to understand their jokes.
  • Next to note is probably when they touch on the topic of alchemy, Furukawa did the same thing as what OnoYuu previously did by putting his hands together, referring to Fullmetal Alchemist (pretty obvious even without me pointing it out though)
  • In the 10 things Furukawa Makoto wants to do, there were mentions of Evangelion, Gundam and Dragon Quest. I translated the DQ spells based on the Plus-Alpha name from this website, so feel free to refer here if it didn’t quite make sense to you.
  • In this same corner, one of the things Furukawa wants to do was to “visit the scene of the Ikedaya affair (currently a bar),” feel free to read into the incident if you’d like to, but personally, I feel that it may just be good to know that the incident is famous for a scene where someone rolls down the stairs.
  • In the Showa Games Kaji Yuki wants to play, Furukawa, he… sings the Tanuki Song, if you’re interested to know the full lyrics:

Tan Tan Tanuki no kintama wa | Tan-Tan-Tanuki’s testicles,
Kaze mo nai no ni | There isn’t even any wind,
Bura bura | But still go swing-swing
Sore wo mite ita oya danuki | When the tanuki parents saw that
Onaka o kakaete wahha hha | they laughed so hard their bellies shook

Source 1&2

Do submit lots of questions to the 100 things you want to ask Kaji Yuki!
(refer to this post if you’re unsure how to)

4 thoughts on “[EN] KAJI100! Episode 10 – Archery x Furukawa Makoto

  1. I’m probably the one person who hasn’t seen one punch man, so thank you for adding the reference link. Also a thank you for the DQ spell list (that seems like a lot of extra work) their plus-alpha names were a lot cuter then the ones Enix used. I wonder what events had Kaji-san playing twister lol now I wanna see that! I think this is the only episode where the guest didn’t mention wanting to do more of what they learned.

    As always, thank you so much for your hard work in translating and sharing these, so those of us who would otherwise miss out can enjoy them too. I look forward to more of these when you are able to get to them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First of all, THANKS a LOT for subbing all this Kaji Yuki related content. I’m so glad Youtube recommended your channel to me. I can understand japanese by hearing a little, but still there are times when I couldn’t quite catch their meaning, so your works are truly a blessing.

    Now well, I want to ask this: can the kaji 100! episode 10 and 11 be downloaded? I see the link to these posts under the tag of “Download”, but can’t found the link to download the videos…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there! No worries at all, it’s my pleasure to find fellow fans who appreciate Kaji 😀
      And to answer your question, yes, they can be downloaded. I’m embedding the episodes from Google Drive so it should be a very simple process, though, there have been a number of people asking me the same question so I’ve created a screenshot guide for our convenience.
      Please refer to the following link (https://imgur.com/a/pao7ftI).
      Well then, I hope you’ll have a good time watching the episodes! Enjoy~ \(★^∀^★)/


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