Cool Voice Vol.28 discloses front cover & contents & bonuses! To be released on Nov 29!

Source | Nov 22, 2018


The cover & contents of Cool Voice Vol.28 to be released on Nov 29 (Thu) are now disclosed!
The front cover will feature Kaji Yuki-san and Maeno Tomoaki-san from Fukigen na Mononokean!
Hoshi Soichiro-san and Tachibana Shinnosuke-san from Idolish7 will grace the back of the double-sided cover!

◆『Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki』
Kaji Yuki&Maeno Tomoaki(first 24 pg feature/attached with solo posters)

The place the two have arrived at,
after thinking about what their current selves can do.

After the passing of an approximate of 2 years, the series will raise its curtains once again in Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki. In commemoration of that, Kaji-san & Maeno-san will grace the cover & featured-content.
Please look forward to the special shooting with Fuzzy too ♪

Re:vale 1st Album『Re:al Axis』
Hoshi Soichiro &Tachibana Shinnosuke(last 20 pg feature/attached with poster)

Carrying everyone’s wishes, we will reach out to further places.

The two who have performed the 1st Album – Re:vale, to be released on December 5th, shall grace the back cover & back feature! There will be photos posed with chairs in the gravure, and the interview will draw into the inside-stories of the 1st LIVE in the album!
The content is filled with “prestige,” so please don’t miss on it! 

※These pictures are not the attached posters

The rest of the lineup ♪

Uchiyama Kouki&Shimazaki Nobunaga&Saito Soma
(14 pg feature/attached with poster)

Compared to everything I’ve done in my career,
I feel like I’m doing something different this time.

Director Taniguchi Goro’s latest animation work “revisions.”
We have called for the cast in the series, Uchiyama-san & Shimazaki-san & Saito-san to share with us about the series and their characters before the broadcast in January next year! This luxurious interview attached with cool gravure photos is a must-read!

Kakihara Tetsuya
(8 pg feature/attached with poster)

Natsu has never faltered, 
that’s why I was able to not falter as an actor.

The TV animation series, FAIRY TAIL, which was first aired in 2009, is finally approaching its final series.
Kakihara-san speaks on how the role of Natsu “may be the deciding factor of [his] worth as an actor.”
As you look forward to seeing how Natsu will turn out in the finale, do check this long interview out! 

◆『Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san』
Masuda Toshiki&Nishiyama Koutarou
12 pg feature/attached with poster)

It is a hazardous studio in which
actors of protagonist-caliber exchange blows through their mics!! 

Masuda-san and Nishiyama-san participates in the shooting wearing white shirts & aprons, imitating the bookstore employees that appear in the series.
Please look forward to the pleasant conversation between these two who get along so well!

Fukuyama Jun&Chiba Souya(12 pg feature)

Behind the scenes of the unknown battle.

This issue has called for Fukuyama-san and Chiba-san to talk about their feelings towards their characters and the series. Apparently, Cool Voice is the first to interview these two together!

Tamaru Atsushi&Satou Takuya(14 pg feature)

In a peaceful life,
time is spent with an “irreplaceable childhood friend.”

In the story, Tamaru-san and Satou-san act as “irreplaceable childhood friends,” who boast the strongest bond in the company. It goes without saying for the gravure of the uplifting two, but please look forward to the interview of where they’ve shared lots about the series and characters too ♪

◎SP Appendix!
A3 Poster (6 sides in total) 
Kaji Yuki/Maeno Tomoaki
Hoshi Soichiro&Tachibana Shinnosuke/Uchiyama Kouki&Shimazaki Nobunaga&Saito Soma
Kakihara Tetsuya/Masuda Toshiki&Nishiyama Koutaro

◎In-shop Postcard Limited Bonuses

*Animate Edition(2types)

*TSUTAYA Edition(2types)
● Handling stores:
※Not included in TSUTAYA’s online shop

Purchases at Animate and TSUTAYA
will come along with bonuses of 2 poster cards respectively!
Please check them out ♪
※The bonus will end the instance it is sold out in each shop

Cool Voice Vol.28
Format: A4 PASH! Format
Price:¥1,512 (tax included) 

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