2019.04.30 @KAJI_staff | #ThankyouHeiseiEra

Source | Apr 30, 2019 at 2:53 PM


【Kaji】Well, well, well! Iiiisn’t this weather looking like the rain is about to come down suddenly! Objection! I OverDrive-d too much that my right hand of the Power of Kings ended up being teased as well but I will MIX everything up to form a Union and begin Tuning! I’ll look properly at what I want to be for the sake of becoming a Super Power Butler to pull the Trigger and offer up my heart to the last sky of Heisei! Open, Sesame! #ThankyouHeiseiEra

【Kaji】sate, sate, saate! kyuuni futte kita yone teki na tenki jaaanai ka,,! igi ari! OverDrive shi sugite ou no migite wo karakawaretari mo shimashita ga subete wo MIX shite gattai sase chuuningu! naritee mon chanto mite choujigen na shitsuji wo subeku torigaa hiite heisei saigo no sora ni shinzou wo sasagemasu! hirake, goma! #HeiseiArigatou


2018.12.22 @KAJI_staff | Jump Festa 2019 – World Trigger Stage

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【Kaji】JUMP FESTA 2019

World Trigger’s stage has ended!
Well, it was an emotional event!

We’ve got to save Replica and Chika’s brother quickly!
I pray that one day, the anime will begin again…!!

Ashihara-sensei, thank you for your wonderful comment and illustrations!

2018.12.08 @KAJI_staff | World Trigger All Night Screening (Session 2)

Source | Dec 8, 2018 at 12:59 AM 

【Kaji】World Trigger All Night Screening 

The second session has also ended! 
After this, everyone will be experiencing the large-scale invasion until morning…! It’ll be tough! 
But, I’m envious…! 

I felt extremely blessed to be in a time filled with love for WorTori. 

Ashihara-sensei, please take it slow, and draw up this wonderful work! 
Everyone’s rooting for you! 

Trigger on! 

2018.12.07 @KAJI_staff | World Trigger All Night Screening (Session 1) with Nakamura Yuichi

Source | Dec 7, 2018 at 11:26 PM 

【梶】「ワールドトリガー」オールナイト上映会 トークイベント
【Kaji】World Trigger All Night Screening: Talk Event

The first session has ended!
It was too much fun! 

Nakamura-san, although he’s making an extreme face but, he’s actually having fun! 
He’s holding Replica-sensei and feeling enraptured!! 

I’ll be off for the second session! 

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2018.10.14 @KAJI_staff | Welcome back, World Trigger!

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Kaji】 World Trigger is resuming serialization!

Ashihara Daisuke-sensei, welcome back!

I’m really happy!

Please don’t push yourself, and draw at your own pace!

I pray that I’ll be able to act as Osamu again!

Trigger on!!

2015.09.20 @KAJI_staff | 3 events in a day – World Trigger, Shingeki Game, Re Life (Photobook)

Source | Sep 20, 2015 at 6:53 PM 

【Kaji’s tweet】Today… I had 3 back-to-back sessions of WorTri, Shingeki Game Show and Re Life Event!

どれも色々な方々の想いが詰まっていて素敵なイベントでした! ありがとうございました!
All of them were wonderful events filled with the feelings of all kinds of people! Thank you very much!