2019.04.30 @KAJI_staff | #ThankyouHeiseiEra

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【Kaji】Well, well, well! Iiiisn’t this weather looking like the rain is about to come down suddenly! Objection! I OverDrive-d too much that my right hand of the Power of Kings ended up being teased as well but I will MIX everything up to form a Union and begin Tuning! I’ll look properly at what I want to be for the sake of becoming a Super Power Butler to pull the Trigger and offer up my heart to the last sky of Heisei! Open, Sesame! #ThankyouHeiseiEra

【Kaji】sate, sate, saate! kyuuni futte kita yone teki na tenki jaaanai ka,,! igi ari! OverDrive shi sugite ou no migite wo karakawaretari mo shimashita ga subete wo MIX shite gattai sase chuuningu! naritee mon chanto mite choujigen na shitsuji wo subeku torigaa hiite heisei saigo no sora ni shinzou wo sasagemasu! hirake, goma! #HeiseiArigatou


2018.09.11 @nojima_kenji | Finishing ItsuSube – about Nojima Kenji and Kaji’s first meeting

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I’ve finished reading Kaji-kun’s book “Itsuka Subete ga Kimi no Chikara ni Naru”!
I wish that I had met this book when I was in my twenties!

My first meeting with Kaji-kun was at a certain audition.

The me from back then,
only lived with the determination to claim any lead role,
but when I heard Kaji-kun’s voice in that studio, I felt the changing of generations.
Aah, I could tell that I wouldn’t survive if I don’t reconsider my way of life as a voice actor.
That was how impactful Kaji-kun’s acting was.

I believe that it’s thanks to him that I’m here right now.

The book written by the Kaji-kun
that gave me a precious trigger to make the me today possible,
do read it!

Over Drive huh~
How nostalgic lol

#Kaji Yuki
#Itsuka Subete ga Kimi no Chikara ni Naru

2018.06.08 @chikichikiko | Okiayu Ryoutaro’s review of ItsuSube – “Kaji-kun’s super cute”

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I’ve finished reading the book I received from Kaji-kun “Itsuka Subete ga Kimi no Chikara ni Naru”♪ Since it was written as part of the “Worldly Wisdom for 14 years old” series, it was packed with words directed to people at that age.

That said, it still contains hints for people of any age, any industry.

Due to myself having co-acted with him in his protagonist debut in Over Drive, reading it filled me with nostalgia personally.

All in all,

Kaji-kun’s super cute.

That’s a fact ♪

#Kaji Yuki


2018.05.30 @KAJI_staff | Thanking Nazuka Kaori once again

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【Kaji】Nazuka-san wrote her thoughts of the book on insta!

A veteran senior that’s the same age as me!
Protagonist and heroine.
Back when I was a total newbie, she has really helped me out in many areas!

Thanks for your wonderful message!
Likewise, let’s continue to get along well…!!

Check out Nazuka’s Instagram post
See Nazuka getting embarrassed at Kaji finding out

2018.05.30 @nazukakaori | “Kaji-kun noticed my comment!!=͟͟͞͞(๑ò◊ó ノ)ノ “

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!!!!=͟͟͞͞(๑ò◊ó ノ)ノ
My comment on insta, Kaji-kun noticed itt‼︎(゚゚;)(。。;))((;゚゚)(;。。)ォ◽︎ォ◽︎
は…恥ずかしい…( ⸝⸝•௰•⸝⸝ 😉
It… It’s embarrassing….( ⸝⸝•௰•⸝⸝ 😉
Thanks for the retweet(//ω//)ゞ

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